Challenge 1#1 : My tailor is rich

Challenge My tailor_TWBB

À partir de ce mois de novembre, je me lance un premier défi pendant un an : lire un livre en anglais par mois ! Si certains veulent me suivre dans cette difficile aventure, qu’ils n’hésitent pas !

Alors pourquoi s’infliger une telle souffrance ?! Pour plusieurs raisons.

Number 1 : Mon anglais est de plus en plus lointain, de moins en moins précis. Il faut, notamment pour mon travail, que je m’y remette sérieusement. J’ai déjà commencé en regardant des séries et films en VO sous-titrés VO mais il fallait que je me fixe un challenge plus précis et plus régulier.

Number 2 : J’ai quelques livres en anglais dans ma bibliothèque et plus de place sur mes étagères. CQFD.

Number 3 : J’aime bien l’idée de lire des livres avant qu’ils arrivent en France. Il n’y a pas de presse dessus (hormis pour les gros titres comme ça a été le cas pour Fifty Shades ou Harry Potter par exemple, mais ce ne sont pas les blockbusters que j’ai l’intention de lire en VO), pas grand chose sur les blogs, ça permet d’être complètement neutre en ouvrant le livre.


Octobre 2014

Un ouvrage dans la veine de Jane Austen d’après les critiques, The Carriage House de Louisa Hall, paru chez Penguin en 2013 !
The Carriage House‘You’ve disappointed me. You had all the potential in the world…’

For thirty years William Adair has lived by two indisputable certainties: his daughters’ exceptional talents and the enduring importance of his grandfather’s carriage house. Now, as he recovers from a stroke, he sees that both have failed him: the carriage house is falling down, while his daughters – divorced Elizabeth, university dropout Diana and sorrowful Isabelle – have returned home. To help William recover, his daughters embark on a campaign to save the carriage house and in doing so seek to rekindle, or banish for ever, their los hopes and dreams.

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


Septembre 2014

Ce mois-ci, nouvel achat de Glasgow : The Perfume Collector de Kathleen Tessaro, paru chez Harper Collins en 2013 !

the-perfume-collectorOne letter will turn newly-married Grace Munroe’s life upside down.

Our firm is handling the estate of the deceased Mrs Eva d’Orsey and it is our duty to inform you that you are named as the chief beneficiary in her will. We request your presence at our offices at your earliest convenience, so that we may go through the details of your inheritance.

There is only one problem. Grace has never heard of Eva d’Orsey.
So begins a journey which takes Grace through the streets of Paris and into the seductive world of perfumers and their muses. An abandoned perfume shop on the Left Bank will lead her to unravel the heartbreaking story of her mysterious benefactor, an extraordinary woman who bewitched high society in 1920s New York and Paris.

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


Août 2014

Un titre qui me tente énormément ce mois-ci, Wild Strawberries d’Angela Thirkell paru chez Virago en 2012 mais dont la première édition date de 1934, avec une préface d’Alexander McCall Smith !

wild strawberries VMC‘Charming, very funny indeed. Angela Thirkell is perhaps the most Pym-like of any twentieth-century author, after Pym herself’ (Alexander McCall Smith)

Pretty, impecunious Mary Preston, newly arrived as a guest of her Aunt Agnes at the magnificent wooded estate of Rushwater, falls head over heels for handsome playboy David Leslie.
Meanwhile, Agnes and her mother, the eccentric matriarch Lady Emily, have hopes of a different, more suitable match for Mary. At the lavish Rushwater dance party, her future happiness hangs in the balance…

First published in the 1930’s, Wild Strawberries is a sparkling romantic comedy from Angela Thirkell’s much-loved classic series.

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


Juillet 2014

Un joli voyage en Écosse, un passage en librairie à Glasgow, pour un livre acheté, le second à moitié prix… Dans les six acquisitions que j’ai faites, j’ai décidé de commencer par Don’t point that thing at me, de Kyril Bonfiglioli, premier tome des aventures de Charlie Mortdecai, paru chez Penguin en 2014 (première publication en 1973).

dont_point_that_thing_at_me569_03‘I am Charlie Mortdecai. I like art and money and dirty jokes and drink. I am very successful…’
But right now the Hon. Charlie Mortdecai – degenerate aristocra and amoral art dealer – is up to his earlobes in trouble. Chief Superintendent Martland is looking for a stolen Goya and thinks Charlie either has it or knows where it is. Unfortunately, he’s right. Worse still, possessing the painting is proving to be something of a liability for poor Charlie and his tuggish manservant Jock. Because, if they’re not careful, some very nasty men with guns are liable to make them very dead…
‘Like Bertie and Jeeves, Charlie and Joke make an imperishable double act… funny, chilling and sometimes surprisingly moving.’ (Sunday Telegraph)
‘A rare miwture of wit and imaginative unpleasantness’ (Julian Barnes)
‘You couldn’t snuggle under the duvet with anything more direputable and delightful’ (Stephen Fry)

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


Juin 2014

Comme je suis en vacances pendant les quinze premiers jours de juin, j’ai lu le livre en anglais mensuel fin mai. Il s’agit de The Ocean at the end of the lane de Neil Gaiman, paru chez Headline en 2013.

oceanThis is what he remembers, as he sits by the ocean at the end of the lane:

A dead man on the back seat of the car, and warm milk at the farmhouse;
An ancient little girl, and an old woman who saw the moon being made;
A beautiful housekeeper with a monstrous smile;
And dark forces woken that were best left undisturbed.

There are memories hard to believe, waiting at the edges of things. The recollections of a man who thought he was lost but is now, perhaps, remembering a tome when he was saved…

‘Both a pitch-perfect fantasy and a moving examination of childhood memories and their effects on our adult selves… superb’ (The Times)

‘One of the best fabulists of our age’ (Financial Times)

‘Lyrical, scary and beautiful… a fantasy rooted in the darkest corners of reality’ (Independent on Sunday)

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


Mai 2014

On continue avec The Book of Tomorrow de Cecelia Ahern, l’auteur de P.S. I Love You.

the-book-of-tomorrowThis is a story about how the future can change the present…

Tamara Goodwin has had everything given to her. She has never wasted a thought on tomorrow. But when tragedy turns her world upside down, she has to leave her comfortable life behind, abandoning an affluent existence for the charity of relatives deep in the countryside.
When a travelling library arrives in the village, it offers an escape into the pages of the books on its shelves. One of them, a heavy leather-bound volume locked with a padlock, draws Tamara to it. And what she discovers within its pages starts to change her life in the most unexpected of ways…

« Plenty of laughs, tears, and a little bit of magic » (Mirror)

« Cecelia Ahern is queen of the modern fairytale » (Irish Times)

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


Avril 2014

Ce mois-ci, un livre que j’ai envie de lire depuis sa sortie en français chez Stock (Une vie entre deux océans) : The Light Between Oceans de M. L. Stedman.

the-light-between-oceansA boat washes up on the shore of a remote lighthouse keeper’s island. It holds a dead man and a crying baby. The only two islanders, Tom and his wife Izzy, are about to make a devastating decision.
They break the rules and follow their hearts. What happens next will break yours.

« Unforgettable » (Guardian)

« Moving » (New York Times)

« Tender » (Sunday Times)

« Compelling » (Daily Express)

« Heartbreaking » (Good Housekeeping)

« Gripping » (Grazia)

Retrouvez la critique de ce livre ici.


Mars 2014

Cette fois-ci on ne plaisante plus, je m’attaque à un morceau bien plus dur : The Genius, de Jesse Kellerman (paru en France chez Sonatine sous le titre Les Visages) !


Victor Cracke, a tenant in a decaying New York slum, has disappeared, leaving behind countless cardboards boses filled with strange, original artwork. Gallery owner Ethan Muller can see the artwork’s brilliance–and its moneymaking potential. Strictly speaking, the drawings don’t belong to Ethan. But great art demands an audience, and before long Ethan’s wildly successful show is being covered by the Times–an article that attracts the attention of an ex-police officer. Because the subjects of the pictures look exactly like the victims in long-cold murder cases. Then, Ethan receives a letter saying stop stop stop. And the still-missing genius may be the link to a madman–or the madman himself…
« A masterpiece plot and dead-on pacing. » (Entertainment Weekly)
« From its first hip, cynical, snarky, confessional pages, this deftly plotted novel rivets the reader… a must-buy. » (Booklist)
« A suspense story has to take over your mind, leaving you disoriented when you look up at the end. Jesse Kellerman makes this act of self-hypnosis easy. » (The New York Times)
« Gripping. » (Chicago Sun-Times)
« Superb. » (Publishers Weekly)

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


Février 2014

On continue avec le dernier Little Black dress : Wish you were here, de Phillipa Ashley (qui a remporté le RNA New Writers’ Award en 2007 pour Decent Exposure), paru en 2007.

Can a whirlwind romance ever go the distance?
When Jack proposes to Beth at the end of a holiday romance, she doesn’t think twice – she knows he’s The One. But then Jack walks out soon after their return, with no explanation, no nothing.
Eight years on and Beth finds a fantastic new job – working for Jack. She could definitely do without having to face hum every day, but she can’t do without the job…
As the two of them are forced to spend time together, Beth unravels the mistery of Jack’s disappearance. Is there too much baggage for them to try again – or could they finally be in the right place at the right time?

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


Janvier 2014

Pour commencer l’année, voici l’un des derniers Little black dress que je possède : Blue remembered heels de Nell Dixon, paru en 2008.

Conwoman Abbey Gifford and her sister Charlie make a tidy profit ripping off rich men. That is, they do until the day Abbey gets struck by lightning.

Ever since the bolt from the blue Abbey’s been experiencing strange slahbacks and seems incapable of lying – not ideal in her line of work. And when the suspiciously handsome Detective Mike Flynn starts asking her questions, things get tricky…

But maybe if Abbey lets Mike in on the truth behind her life of crime, she might just find that she’s finally struck gold.

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


Décembre 2013

Pour cette fin d’année, je continue avec A little black dress book, What’s Love Got To Do With It? de Lucy Broadbent, un titre de 2008.

« Call me a gold-digger if you want. But that’s just a twenty-first-century label for something people have been doing for years… »

Beautiful and broke, British nanny Bella Spires is in LA with one goal: marry a rich man so she can start living the good life.
And with gorgeous (loaded) husband Jamie Shawe soon at her side, maybe she played the game and won. But in La-La Land, nothing’s ever done and dusted, and Bella’s new world is soon showing cracks. Will she ever realise that love, not money, is what she really needs?
A glittering, glitzy debut you can’t afford to miss!

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


Novembre 2013

J’ai choisi de lire un titre de 2008, Drama Queen de Susan Conley, A little black dress book. Ce sont des livres dont j’aime bien les couvertures, très girly, mais il me semble qu’il n’y a pas beaucoup d’actualité dans cette maison d’édition depuis 2012.

Top New York TV producer Jane Boyers is far too busy to make time for her friends – especially Miranda, who’s abandoned Manhattan for a boyfriend and storybook cottage in Ireland. But when Jane loses her job, her panicked response is to jump on a plane to Dublin. Life there is definitely not what she’s used to, and her no-nonsense, NYC approach soon upsets a few people – particularly dishy theatre director Shay. And when Jane ends up taking a lead role in his first production, sparks really start to fly…
Comedy, passion and drama – the stage is set for an irresistible romance.

Retrouvez la critique de ce titre ici.


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